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We refer to online platforms where users share designs of physical objects (hardware). There is a growing number of them and some encourage free hardware, while others help users keep their work non-free and exchange them for money. Some offering various CAD and/or CAM software capabilities or connect users with printing or machining facilities. Some platforms are controlled by one or more companies while others are governed as a commons. In this page we will list the current platforms and indicate their main aspects.


  • Name
  • URL
  • Slogan
  • Ownership: private, commons
  • Business model: membership, freemium services,
  • Platform software: Name & URL
  • Platform software license
  • Technical features:
    • CAD
    • STL
    • Gcode
    • social: enables users to become friends/followers/contacts
  • Encourages sharing:
    • Default license:
    • Most used license
    • Sell designs
  • Comments


This list needs to be set up as a table with the variables listed above as columns.