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This is the home page of the Free Technology Academy Wiki. It is a "NameSpace" within the FKI wiki. Below we will list the main starting pages. Please bear with us as this is work in progress!

Welcome to the official Wiki of the Free Technology Academy, a section of the Free Knowledge Institute!

Purpose and usage of the FTA wiki

Coming Real Soon Now, as explained here. For the moment, please read the "Content of the OLD wiki" section below.

Main sections

New and non/standard courses

(these are experimental courses whose program and content has not been stabilized yet)

Support and How to Contribute

Main coordination of the FTA community happens on its mailing list (requires subscription). If you also want to contribute to this wiki (thanks!) please introduce yourself on the list and ask for a wiki account. Sorry, but at least for the time being we need to work in this way to prevent spammers from polluting the wiki.

Content of the OLD wiki

This wiki, which is the official FTA wiki, has been installed from scratch in early July, 2014. All the actual content of the old wiki, which is worthwhile conserving both for historical purposes AND, above all, as a basis for this one, is still available in read-only mode. You are welcome to browse that list of pages and recreate new versions of the ones that actually need to come back here. If you decide to do it, thanks in advance but.... please do NOT just copy and paste content from there as is!!! In almost all cases, most of the content is heavily OUT OF DATE, so putting it back here without HEAVY editing, if not total rewriting, would only increase confusion! Thanks for your understanding.