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Open Networks v2.0


The Open Networks Course originally developed by UOC/Enric Peig Olivé as PID_00164576 has become dated. I would like to start a project to re-develop this course and have made a start, my materials can be found at http://www.obriain.com/ob/GNULinux_Networking .

Course Module

The course module itself is described already in the FTA [Network Technologies] course module.

Course Materials

The FTA currently uses as a starting point its [OpenNetworks] course book. It was originally developed in Spanish by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), who hired Enric Peig Olivé as its author, and later translated by the FTA into English.


In 2014 Diarmuid O'Briain has started to update and extend these materials. Chapters worked on thusfar:

Course Definition

Learning Objectives

  • Configuring and managing network services in a free software environment
  • Configuring and managing advanced network services and protocols, such as wireless networks, broadcast, voice over IP, real-time, ad-hoc and sensor networks
  • Installing and configuring free systems for streaming audio and video
  • Understanding the various organization forms of web applications, taking into account scalability and the demand for and organization of processing resources
  • Protecting data against intrusion and detecting attacks




Course Programmes

This module is part of the FTA Master Level Course Programme. Furthermore it is an extension and update of the course part of the UOC's Master Programme in Free Software, the URJC/LibreSoft's Master Programme in Free Software, ...

Work to be done

If you have an interest in this please come back to An Laoch.