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Open Networks v2.0


The Open Networks Course originally developed by UOC/Enric Peig Olivé as PID_00164576 had become dated. I have undertaken a project to re-develop the course.

Course Module

The course module itself is described already in the FTA Network Technologies course module.

Course Materials

Student Manual

The v2.0 1st release materials are available to review at: FTA Open Networks Manual v2.0.

The source material is available at: FTA Open Networks Manual v2.0

Study Guide

The v2.0 study guide is available to at FTA Open Networks Study Guide

Source Materials

The v2.0.4 DRAFT source material is available to at FTA Open Networks v2.0.4 source DRAFT materials

Whats in the new course

 Networking Device	
 This section looks at using the Raspberry Pi as a device for use throughout the course. 
 It goes through building the device and the setup of //mactelnet// to allow use without a keyboard and monitor.
 Network Simulation	
 Introduction to the Common Open Research Emulator (CORE).
 Introduction to Network Administration, TCP/IP (TCP/IP suite), Physical network devices (hardware), the GNU/Linux interface and TCP/IP Concepts.
 Bridging and Switching, Spanning Tree Protocol, Virtual LANs (VLANs), GNU/Linux as a Service Provider bridge.
 Internet Protocol
 GNU/Linux IP networking (iproute2), Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6).
 Introduction to Routing, Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Quagga.
 Wireless LANs
 Configuration of a WiFi network on GNU/Linux.
 Virtual private network (VPN)
 IPv4 OpenVPN tunnel, IPv6 OpenVPN tunnel, SSH VPN.
 IP Telephony
 Audio Streams, Voice Quality Factors, The SIP Protocol and Server Functions, IPT and the PSTN, FOSS Implementations.
 IP Services
 Configuration of inetd or xinetd, Other network services, DHCP, IP Masquerade.
 Software Defined Networking
 SDN operation, SDN Controllers, SDN Applications, Using Mininet to experment with SDN, OpenFlow, OpenDaylight, Networks Function Virtualisation, OPNFV.

If you have an interest in this please come back to An Laoch (talk).