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The FKI is a hub connecting networks and communities in multiple domains facilitating and enabling the study, sharing and collaborative development of free knowledge and free technologies for a socially just, free knowledge society. Starting with a small but inspired and dynamic team with a shared vision for the future, the FKI aims to play a key role in effecting a free knowledge society. The role requires an institute which is sustainable, efficient, and effective in its own right as it inspires and enables growth of free knowledge communities in multiple domains.

Central to our strategy is establishing sustainable communities of participants around the FKI: a stable network of partners and peers covering our collaboration needs, and a critical mass of learners each year who stand to qualify with degrees including free knowledge components and become active participants (learning by doing).

For this to work the FKI needs to be in touch with learners, sensitive to trends and be able to anticipate student learning needs. The FKI continually explores innovative models for sustainability - both monetary and non-monetary.

The FKI develops a modus operandi which supports and nurtures the relationships needed to sustain the FKI itself and the surrounding communities of learners, researchers and domain practitioners.

This in turn speaks to our internal efficiencies and operational effectiveness. Well managed internal relationships extended to partners and peers translates to positive relationships with the communities associated with the Institute.

With strong relationships at the heart of our success, a communication strategy keeps us on track with all the required information sharing and interactions to keep the relationships vibrant and active.

Ultimately the FKI is sustainable in the true sense, beyond economic models, on account of the social impact it is making, and support of communities striving to make this world a better place.