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(Existing CommonsCloud initiatives)
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==Existing CommonsCloud initiatives==
==Existing CommonsCloud initiatives==
* [Framasoft https://framasoft.org/]
* [https://framasoft.org/ Framasoft]
* [http://Sandstorm.io Sandstorm.io] and test at [https://fki.sandcats.io beta service run by FKI]
* [http://Sandstorm.io Sandstorm.io] and test at [https://fki.sandcats.io beta service run by FKI]
* [http://cozy.io cozy.io]
* [http://cozy.io cozy.io]

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With "CommonsCloud" we refer to a set of network services that are operated by and for the commons. We consider servers and web applications that are published under free licenses (as Free Software), rigorously adopt Open Standards and are self-governed by the participating users. Our long term vision is to evolve towards decentralised, federated systems, like email.

For this purpose we are doing research on existing systems that can be used, and possibly adapted, and on initiatives with similar purposes, to learn from them and possibly collaborate.

While this work has a global perspective, we are also involved in setting up a concrete set of CommonsCloud services in Barcelona. This we do as an alliance of several likeminded actors.

To contribute please join the mailing list.

Systems review

User management and authentication

Collaborative writing, office and filesharing

Collabora Office/LibreOffice+nextCloud
Description: collaborative editing and filesharing through LibreOffice + nextCloud
Core technologies LibreOffice + nextCloud
Software licenses:
Server requirements: nextCloud: MySQL/MariaDB, PHP 5.4 +, Apache 2.4 with mod_php
Server requirements: [LibreOffice]:
Installation with Docker
Standards used
Synchronisation with netCloud/ownCloud clients for mobile and desktop
Maintenance effort
To be dev/adapted
User mgt. / auth LDAP in LibreOffice; LDAP in nextCloud

Project, task and group management

Social networks and web content management systems

Calendar, contacts and notes

Radicale, Davical

Email, mailing list


Instant messaging and groupware


password management, like sandpass (using keypass format)

Existing CommonsCloud initiatives

Visions and working groups

Various people and groups are working on visions and ideas for a personal or collaborative cloud: