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This is the home page of the Free Knowledge Institute Wiki. It is a "NameSpace" within the overall Free Knowledge Free Technology wiki. Below we will list the main starting pages. Please bear with us as this is work in progress!

Welcome to the official Wiki of the Free Knowledge Institute!

Purpose and usage of the FKI wiki

The FKI wiki aims to be the collaborative space to develop and maintain the high level strategies and operational effectiveness of the Free Knowledge Institute.

Main sections


The Free Knowledge Institute has developed several strategies, working methodologies and policies which will be presented in this NameSpace. Check out the high level Strategy of the Free Knowledge Institute which guides our collective work.


The Domains represent the FKI's main areas of work.


Understand how we work as a community and check the Code of Conduct.

Support and How to Contribute

Main coordination of the FKI community happens on its mailing list (requires self-subscription). If you also want to contribute to this wiki (thanks!) please introduce yourself on the list and ask for a wiki account. Sorry, but at least for the time being we need to work in this way to prevent spammers from polluting the wiki.

Content of the OLD wiki

This wiki, which is the official FKI wiki, has been installed from scratch in July 2014. All the actual content of the old wiki, which is worthwhile conserving both for historical purposes AND, above all, as a basis for this one, is still available in read-only mode]. You are welcome to browse that list of pages and recreate new versions of the ones that actually need to come back here.