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Development Methodology

The original manuals look fantastic and I believe the work was funded heavily by the EU. The problem as I see it is the tenancy to obsolete quite fast.

To get things started I propose that the FTA create a development manual with a number of stages.

  1. Each project should have a controlling 'editor' that is responsible for releases.
  2. The initial development phase using a standards based 'markdown' language like txt2tags.
 * Two parts to each course:
   * A Student Guide.
   * A separate Course Exercise Workbook.
   * Slideware ? 
  1. Bi-annually the txt2tags are put together as 'html' published 'Beta' material that is accessible by those that sign on for such materials. Such Beta testers to review and log suggestions/errata etc..
 * Perhaps a ticketing system like RT: Request Tracker could be used for this purpose.
 * Tickets to be tracked and updates made as necessary with acknowledgemets.
  1. Following the 'Beta' process the HTML manual is converted to an Open Document Format (ODF) or whatever is decided.
 * Stages 
   * Graphics to be standardised (specific volunteer help needed for this)
   * A method to convert the markdown or HTML to the ODF and Portable Document Format (PDF) formats.

I would really be interested if this is of interest to the membership ? What do you think ?

--An Laoch (talk) 10:23, 30 September 2014 (CEST)