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Welcome to the Free Knowledge Free Technology Wiki!

This collaboration space is under heavy transformation, please see the FKI website for details.

This wiki is the home of various subwikis. Right now the following subwikis (Name Spaces) are under redevelopment:

If in doubt, please use the general NameSpace, i.e. the one without any prefix in the wiki page name: start here.

About participation in these wikis

While the FKI advocates open participation in peer produced free knowledge resources, we have been forced to disable automatic self-registration. Overloaded by massive SPAM robots we have chosen to do manual registrations for the time being. If you are interested in participation and would like to have an account, please present yourself either on the FKI general discussion list or on the FTA general discussion list. On both lists wiki admins are present and if your intententions are clearly linked to Free Knowledge and/or Free Technology, then a request for an account will be handled swiftly. Thanks for your confidence and support!