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This space is to document the FKI's Odoo installation.

In early 2015 we set up the latest Odoo version to manage the EC funded DiDIY project and other accounting related work.


  • Odoo version v8, with Dutch (accounting) localisation
  • Languages installed: English as primary, other languages can easily be added (but may not be necessary)

Help & documentation

  • Accounting
    • About closing a fiscal year: Therp
    • Banking addons module needed to smooth import of ebanking files in right format: Community progress

Initial prototype setup

In the prototype database I (Wouter) set up (in 2014) for us you will be able to see already quite a few bits and pieces, but we'll have to get together to see how we really want to have it in detail.

The server: user: admin pwd: Bs3lfish

Som hints to get a first idea (and I suggest we have a look together shortly, whenever you can, hopefully later this week):

- Messaging / Organizer: Contacts: here we can add relevant contacts that we'd want to share.

- Sales / Sales: In Quotations we can make an offer to an FTA learner, such as I did. The system then generates a PDF, can send it by mail, and one click confirms it into a sales order and another in an invoice and so on until payment received.

- HR: check the Employees: here we add in all of the executive team who has a contract with the FKI. - HR / Time Tracking: register your personal timesheet for a whole week at a time, and request approval from the manager (I configured this so we can check on each other & approve - is that useful?) ---> here we need to define which level of detail we want for the main "accounts" on which we book time, in the case of DiDIY that'll be at the Work Package level I suggest. - HR / Expenses: In expenses we declare our expense sheet, which we could do per month, trimester or whenever period we find adequate. ---> here we need to define the Expense Categories. Is "Travel" a too wide category maybe? Should it be "train ticket", "plane ticket", "accomodation", etc?

- Knowledge: all documents attached at any part in one of the processes can be accessed through this part.

- Accounting: I installed the Dutch accounting system; now we'll have to check which parts of this we want to use and if anything misses. Hinde: the two of us have some reviewing to do here

- Association: whenever we need this, it maybe useful for us: if we would define some kind of periodic donation (like a "membership fee", but not rreally, as we're a foundation not an association), we could define those contribution levels here and semi-automate the process of collecting those donations from our contributors.

- Marketing / Events: when we organise an event this tool can easily help us keep track of the registrations of participants.

- Project: this module allows us to manage projects, but given that our projects tend to be open to collaborations from people external to the FKI, the Odoo project management might not be the most adequate tool (as I'd foresee that only FKI collaborators would have an account).

It might be useful to set integrate our Paypal account into the system so the system could help us request payments through this payment gateway. Other gateways can be added, but Paypal is the most straightforward that I have seen in Odoo so far.

Another thing that might be useful is to set up some FKI email account(s) within Odoo. We could for example put a contact email address to automatically generate a certain action on any new mail coming in, or an issue mail address generating a new issue in the issue tracker (not set up yet), or a dedicated project mail, ... etc Well, tons of possibilities, but maybe not all equally urgent.

Have a look and let me know when you want to go through it with me. If possible we meet all together or we meet individually. I can understand you could be overwhelmed by the number of options - don't worry, we'll hide anything that we don't need all of us all the time.