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Specific Context

The Free Knowledge Institute promotes free knowledge in all its forms. Our aim is to provide equal access to the tools for free production and sharing of knowledge. We work towards this aim together with local and global networks of autonomous actors.

Since its creation in 2007 the FKI has coordinated several international projects in the areas of Free Software, Open Standards, Open Educational Resources and Access to Knowledge. Through these activities the FKI core team has gained experience, acquired specialised skills and has built a considerable international network of partners and peers from research and educational institutions, industry and third sector organisations. These assets allow us to assist organisations which want to explore alternative business models or to tackle specific issues in the multiple fields where knowledge plays an important part.

The primary focus of the first five years (free software, open standards and establishing an education platform) enabled the FKI community to grow and to broaden its horizons to embrace new domains. These are proposed and driven by community members working in the relevant fields (see Domains). One of FKI's priorities in these domains is to educate existing and emerging communities about the freedom issues related with the free knowledge society and to advise and participate on a practical level.