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In brief, we offer a shared vision and platform for education, collaboration and advocacy in free knowledge and technology. The online platform is entirely based on free software and knowledge and is organised bottom-up. There are also learning, economic and activist opportunities. All our activities are imbued with the following goals and principles:

  • freedom: any individual or group has the same rights to FKI knowledge, whether it is software, text books, articles or other digital artefacts. While collaboration within the community has its advantages, everyone has the freedom to create a fork and continue along the way he or she sees fit (no lock-up);
  • consistency in values: walk the talk, practice what you preach. Use free software and free knowledge in every aspect, share them with peers;
  • flexible, self-directed collaborative learning;
  • accreditation via partners, and recognition by peers;
  • low-cost services;
  • agile on-demand course development;
  • autonomous development teams working together through the Free Technology Guild;
  • a common platform to participate in and run campaigns along these lines.