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Log from 2012:

Project/Initiative Education Software Hardware Standards Energy Culture Science Comments
FTA MLC Courses Operational Operational DEV Operational DEV DEV DEV
Escuela de los Commons Barcelona Operational FoO article
FTA EPL Courses DEV DEV DEV DEV DEV DEV DEV Enhanced Peer Learning Working Group
FTG Project Development DEV DEV DEV DEV DEV DEV DEV Free Technology Guild Wiki, Working Group
FTG Paeragogy Education DEV DEV DEV DEV DEV DEV DEV Seed proposal
FKFT next conference Renewed Free Knowledge Free Technology Conference
Community Platform development Campus Community Platform Technical Infraestructure Architecture and working group
YOUR Project??? Suggest in the discussion page, list


Opportunities Learning Opportunities Economic Opportunities Advocacy & Activism
Learning Opportunities
Economic Opportunities
Advocacy & Activism

On a more granular level, many different projects can be found in each of the above Initiatives. For example the development of new courses (see e.g. the common master-curriculum), the enhancement of the FTA Community Platform, several FTG project proposals are discussed in there (you can present yourself here), etc.


The FKI has established a modus operandi that tries to match individual needs with the collective ones and puts this work programme into practice.

  • Write the FKI OCL (Operational Continuity Log) and reconfirm routine (2012-06-01 - 2012-06-30)
  • Routine updates (1 hour per week x 4 people - estimate)
  • Write FKI:Induction Manual (2012-06-01 - 2012-06-30)

Business Development

In the Revenue models page we discussed briefly the main revenue models that fit our strategy. Now it is time to put them into practice. More concretely we work on the following core activities.

Training & Education

Current FTA Master Level Courses (MLC)

Current courses are run Bottom-up, which means that potential learners express their interest to the community which courses they would be willing to take and when.

ACTION1: communication campaign for the run starting in September 2012. In particular we need to get the GNU/Linux Advanced course take off.

ACTION 1.1: contact current learners of GNU/Linux basic to ask about their interest on the Advanced course

ACTION2: decide how to go about with scholarship(s) (currently: 1)

ACTION3: decide on date go/nogo

Enhanced Peer Learning courses (EPL)

ACTION1: develop a sustainable model for several realistic scenarios, starting small with the idea of scaling up if it works

UPDATE: WIP, see the EPL Model page for details and discussion.

ACTION2: define and run a public survey

UPDATE: polish the existing draft survey and publish it around 9 July

ACTION3: define courses, work on educational materials and assistants

ACTION4: make & realise communication plan to attract learners

ACTION5: launch

Place to discuss: EPL group (login required).

Customised Training Courses (CTC)

Customised training is aimed to all kinds of organisations interested in upgrading the knowledge of their staff in the area of Free Knowledge and Free Technologies. These organisations may be considering a partial or total migration to Free/Libre and Open Source Software and Open Standards, adopting an Open Development production model, may be interested in Communities, Free Culture, Peer Production, peer and distance learning, the Commons... See CTC. ACTION1: Write small proposal ACTION2: Present proposal to potentially interested contacts

Free Technology Guild

Currently under construction is the Free Technology Guild, that promises participants to find each other more easily through the FTA community platform and work and learn on a shared job. Participants can propose projects and realise them with others, both for money and for fun. People interested in building up the FTG should join the working group (login required).


The Institute needs contributions to keep the core infrastructure and organisation running. We're a low overhead, lightweight organisation and most activities are self organised. However, some monetary contributions are still needed. You can either make a one-off donation of any amount you'd like, or become a ongoing supporter. We are starting a True Fan programme (see Kevin Kelly): anyone willing to donate 10 Euro a month becomes a True Fan, helping to guarantee the continuity of the Institute. If you commit to do this during at least one year, we can get you a special FKI present. Of course you can stop at any time you want. We also accept BitCoins, just drop us an email and we'll provide you with an address.


ACTION1: restructure website content and redesign website

ACTION2: send out announce (and blog) on FKI's internal doings

ACTION3: publish strategy (TBD) and invite people to contribute

Partner Development

ACTION 1: invite partners & likeminded organisations to endorse the Strategy and list them on a partners page.