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Across all of the General Strategy, effective strategic communication is essential to sustaining legitimacy and supporting our aims. We need to align our actions with our words and we must be effective in our communications and engagement - as well as grasp the opinions, desires, attitudes, concerns and aspirations of the community. Doing so is critical to allow us to develop effective plans and projects with the community, and to better understand how our actions are perceived. It is our express desire and intention to invite community participants in the process of defining and realising the Communication Strategy.

The strategy will set out how FKI can become an effective communicator. The main objectives, the further building of a stable network of partners and peers covering our collaboration needs, and be constantly in touch with communities of participants around the FKI, are explained in detail. Of course the traditional components are included as well: internal communications, on- and offline visualisations, media relations, presentations, publications, and events.

Any help in developing this important task further, as well as implementing and executing it, is really appreciated and welcomed!

In the meantime communicating always helps. For example you can help with:

  • blog or write articles
  • microblogs, in the groups !FK and !FTA at
  • visual design
  • present about one of the domains and activities at conferences, in workshops etc