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Liberating Knowledge



Partner Need

The FKI defines itself as "a hub connecting networks and communities in multiple domains facilitating and enabling the study, sharing and collaborative development of free knowledge and free technologies for a socially just, free knowledge society." This is an ambition that can only come or be true if we do that together with partners and peers.

We envision a vanguard international network to provide various services that can be fulfilled in part by community members, and in part by partners. Services include workshops, coaching/training, consultancy and development/implementation of Free Knowledge and Free Technology. The core team has the core capacities to run the organisation and depending on the exact needs to be serviced, we invite our peers and partners to join in.

Partner Selection

The network is open for parties who are enthusiastic to join our efforts and collaborate in specific projects or tasks. The collaboration with partners is an ongoing process, in which some collaborations lead to new ones. Based on experience, shared values and motivation of key staff, some organisations become partner in one project or another. Our network provides a very valuable channel to disseminate information about free knowledge and reach new targets, both at the institutional and the individual level. Through the network all parties have access to many academic and non-academic channels, at national, European and international levels.

Collaboration Approach

Many possibilities for collaboration exist, as different projects ask for different collaboration approaches. An EC funded project is different from a political lobby mission or a co-organised training course. It generally entails the transparent definition of objectives, scope, commitments, timeframe, terminology, spaces and tools used etc. The Free Knowledge Institute strives to transfer the expertise acquired through collaboration programmes. We practise what we "preach".