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FKI Strategy:
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In order to realise the Strategy, we'll need to realise lots of different actions to reach our goals and Intermediate Objectives. We will do this through a Work Programme that focuses on the following core action lines.

Our main action lines lie in Operations, Business Development, Partner and Community Development and Communication. Though all areas are open for participation, we think the most interesting is Business Development, which includes our activities in Training and Education and the Free Technology Guild.

This page outlines the core Work Programme of the FKI that aims to implement the developed Strategy. It is our express wish to share this with interested community members to join us in the process of making this a reality. It is therefore an initial draft and needs your contributions!

Use the Issue Tracker to define concrete actions.

General Outline

We aim to implement the strategy by realising projects that provide one or more of the three types of opportunities - education, economic, activist - and in one or several of the domains. If we put the projects or initiatives in a table, we can see what is already operational, what plans are under development and what could you add to make the map complete.