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FKI Strategy:
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Liberating Knowledge



Why this strategy?

For the last 5 years we have promoted the production of Free Knowledge and the use of Free Technologies thanks to the personal effort of the core team and the funding and support from several public sources, specially the European Comission via different agencies and programmes. While we believe that public funding and policies should favour initiatives that produce and disseminate Free Knowledge due to their social impact, these resources have become very scarce in the current economic context. These circumstances triggered the process of re-defining the strategy of the FKI to develop new areas of action, reach out for new communities and explore new sustainability models.

Why don't you present a final strategy?

We could of course have finished the process internally and then present the final results to the interested audience. But we'd rather give interested people the opportunity to discuss and participate in this process. We believe that the challenges of today can only be solved by working together. However small our little grain of sand, we think it makes much more sense to build the strategy together and then work on its implementation with all those people who feel like it. Together we can change the way things work.

Why didn't you invite us earlier in the process?

Maybe we should have. This is a process of opening up the foundation. Five years ago we formulated the strategy with three people, and discussed that with colleagues from the SELF Project and with the Internet Society Netherlands Board, where we spun off in 2007. But the process was then all internal, supported by the FKI Advisory Board. Now we have prepared the basic outline in internal Strategy workshops, and present the draft Strategy documents for discussion in an open process. Feel free to question any of its foundations, objectives or anything you'd like to discuss. We'd like to share it.

How can I help?

We're reaching out to our friends and peers in the Free Knowledge community to help us improve the FKI and continue working for a Free Knowledge society. We would be very thankful for any comments or suggestions that you may have on this Strategy. Furthermore, you're welcome to participate with us in this new phase and help us put it into practice!

If you'd like to help us define and improve this strategy, please have a look at the description of the Adoption process and use the discussion pages to leave your comments and suggestions.

How can I make money?

That's a very good question. One that is relevant for most of us, as we still need income, however abundant the free knowledge resources are. You'll probably know that "free is not gratis" but refers to "free as in freedom". That leaves us much space to offer courses, services, etc.. We put up a list of revenue models that might help us to remain financially viable. Active and skilled persons interested in taking a responsibility in realising this strategy can have economic opportunities derived from this. Feel free to suggest and propose ideas that you think may fit this strategy.

Where can I find the solution to my problem?

We don't have all the answers. No one does. But collectively we have quite a few. Depending on what is your problem, if it relates to Free Knowledge and Free Technology, why don't you join the FTA Community Platform? And search the active groups for the most adequate one and post your question there.