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Liberating Knowledge



Year 2006

  • Obtained funding from the FP6 programme of the EC for the SELF Project. SELF was coordinated byt the Internet Society Netherlands, and during this phase the FKI core team was established as a working group within

Year 2007

  • Prepare FKI as spin-off from the Internet Society Netherlands
  • Start FKI operations.
  • Register FKI as a foundation based in Amsterdam.

Year 2008

  • January: FKI Launch party in Amsterdam.
  • Organise the FKFT Conference In Barcelona; 200 participants came over from all continents.
  • Completed the SELF project, positively evaluated by the EC reviewers.

Year 2009

Year 2010

  • Publication of "Ten Points For Change".
  • Run FTA Pilot Study Programme with ca. 160 learners.
  • Published course books are downloaded > 100.000 times in first nine months.
  • Join as partner in the EC/LLP funded openSE project to design the Knowledge Sharing Policies (for Software, Standards and Educational Materials).
  • Publish The Knowledge Society from a Freedom Centred Perspective, as book chapter in the Dutch Open Source Yearbook and as Conference paper in the Free Culture Research Conference in Berlin.
  • Completion of the FTA project and positive evaluation by the EC/Lifelong Learning Programme

Year 2011

  • Continuation of the FTA by the founding consortium (FKI, UOC, OUNL), expansion of the partner network
  • Participation in the OKFN Conference in Berlin
  • End 2011 the FTA Consortium is concludes that the study programme can't be continued as is and the FTA continues as a community hosted by the FKI

Year 2012

  • The FTA Community self-organises to run new courses in bottom-up fashion
  • Definition of the Free Technology Guild
  • Publication of the FKI Strategy draft RFC

Year 2013

  • Marco Fioretti and Joe Corneli join the Board